DomKat – Just a concatenation of the first letters of our given names. Boring, isn’t it…

We are citizens of the beautiful Principality of Liechtenstein where the famous Hilti drilling machines and Neutrik connectors are from, but have lived in Switzerland since 2002.

Katja specialised in carbon based species (psychology studies with major focus on industrial and organisational psychology) and works as a “modern slave trader” (recruiting agent for IT specialists).
Katja likes Dominik, outdoor activities, helicopters, fast vehicles, travelling, books, music.
Katja is the legislative, navigator and “voice of reason”.

Dominik specialised in silicon based species (electrical engineering studies with major focus on power electronics and embedded systems) and works as a general dogsbody in a small spin-off company.
Dominik likes Katja, all type of electronics, cars (BMW only), travelling, music.
Dominik is the executive, driver and “source of chaos”.